CCF Storytelling

'Down On His Luck' No More

A 12-year-old “Joi” was born disabled and also has problem of cognitive developmental delay.

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The Happy Life of Miyu

Miyu was born in a young Karen* family of four; her parents, her younger sister, and Miyu herself. They live in a shabby house,

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TonHorm, a girl who found bright light in her life

We are currently living in the age of technology, not to mention basic utilities like electricity or water.

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Playing Is Learning

On our visits to CCF children and their families, we often see kids in the remote areas make their own toys from any local materials they can find; wooden sticks, leaves, or unwanted items around their houses.

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Home Sweet Home

Many people are in the hustle and bustle of city life, working hard for better living

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Kunanon, the high-flying young farmer

Kunanon shows us a piece of land ready for growing more vegetables and the huge vegetable beds once was a rice field.

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A tough family with gold hearts

Every woman dreams about a perfect life; having a good job, a lovely family, along with great health and comfortable lifestyle

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A turning point of a troublesome young man

One afternoon, as I was at the office dealing with some paperwork, I could hear a roaring sound of motorcycle outside.

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Sufiyah, the little storyteller

Being school kids, it’s not all about going to schools and study for the exams, children are more capable than that. While learning at school,

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A Happy Boy’s Unfortunate Conjunction of Circumstances

One of the most memorable moments for me whenever I make visits to Ban WiaKadee, Sangklaburi, Kanchanaburi is seeing a happy young boy

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With clean water arrived, they were revived

‘Tak’ is one of the provinces in Thailand, situated in a remote area.

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Can you spot any differences between neighbours in the cities and those in the countryside?

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