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Customer Service Coordinator / Sponsor Relations Coordinator

Location: Bangkok

Purpose& Reporting Structure

The Customer Service Coordinator role ensures that the primarily contact points between sponsors and the children sponsored, and sponsors and the organization are effectively managed. The Customer Service Coordinator reports to the Operations Manager, and assists in the coordination of the Sponsor Relations Team, the Supporter Care and Retention Unit and the Payment Collection Unit.

The role and responsibility of the Customer Service Coordinator is primarily to ensure that work relating to Sponsor Relations from both an acquisition and retention point of view and administrative functions are carried out accurately within an acceptable timeframe. Customer Service is a main focus of this position and skills should reflect good service to sponsors and the general public as well as to all departments within CCF. The position requires excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Thai, high level team leadership skills coupled with proficient data entry skills, high level attention to detail and problems solving ability.

Position Objectives

To maintain exemplary customer service with sponsors/donors and prospective supporters, effective liaison, motivation and training of fellow staff in customer service functions; analyse problems and formulate solutions; prioritise and complete tasks; assist in general sponsor relations and receipting duties where necessary; generate sponsor awareness and improve relations with sponsors through teleservicing and other activities. All duties must be carried out according to their priorities. Communicating directly with sponsors and making them aware of how CCF and sponsorship operate, and of CCF’s goals and objectives are paramount.

  1. Oversee all daily operations regarding correspondence between local and international sponsors and sponsored children in order to ensure that all communications are handled timely, effectively, up to CCF standards and satisfy CCF local and international sponsors. Work in collaboration with Program Department at Bangkok Office and Provincial Office to: 
    1) Monitor the SRIS and Mail control systems of CCF 
    2) Monitor the BRIDGE system of ChildFund International 
    3) Monitor CCF child bank and child enrolment for local and international sponsors 
    4) Monitor the overall process for DFC, sponsor visits, annual child progress reports, and specific reports required by sponsors and grant donors and the following tasks: 
    - Daily preparation, input and packaging of Pre-sponsor enquiry packages 
    - Daily entering of Direct Dialogue sponsors onto database system 
    - Field Office Information Requests (to be attended to within five working days) 
    - Field Office Information Request Follow-up (to be done on a monthly basis) 
    - Reinstates, Cancellations, Assignments and Special Assignments 
    - Active & Pre-sponsor Child Changes, Child Deaths, Child Information Folder Requests 
    - Transfers (internal/external) 
    - Disaffiliations 
    - National Office Welcome Letters 
    - Child Inventory Control
    - Email replies 
    - Sponsor Complaints 
    - Pre-sponsor Drop List 
    - Child Visits 
    - Data entry of sponsor details and financial contributions 
    - Action regarding cancellation requests

  2. Work as a core team member of the Care & Retention Unit and the Marketing Department to ensure effective implementation of the retention and upgrade programs for recurring supporters: 
    1) Child Birthday Program 
    2) Sponsor Meets Child Program 
    3) New Sponsor Journey 
    4) Bounceback and appeals
  3. Coordinating sponsor relations (both acquisition and retention units) and receipting staff to ensure sponsors queries are answered accurately and promptly. The use of a quality control system, inventory control and sponsorship management reporting system is required to ensure standards are met.

All of the above duties must be carried out according to their priorities. Communicating directly with sponsors and making them aware of how CCF FT and sponsorship operate, and of CCF FT’s goals and objectives are paramount.

Working Conditions & Other Essential Requirements
  • This is a full time position with after hours work required.
  • Based in Bangkok.
  • Adherence to written confidentiality policy/agreement is required.
Qualifications / Experience / Qualities
  • Bachelor degree in Management or related area
  • Minimum of 3 years experience in a supervisory role
  • Experience in customer service and data entry
  • Good computer skills and knowledge of MS Office package
  • Highly developed Interpersonal skills
  • Excellent written and oral English skills
  • Ability to adapt to different situations
  • Basic office administration 
  • Organising, planning and decision making skills
  • Problems solving skills
  • Good telephone skills for both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Ability to work with little or no supervision
  • Willingness to learn new tasks

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