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Sufiyah, the little storyteller

Being school kids, it’s not all about going to schools and study for the exams, children are more capable than that. While learning at school, they have developed variety of skills and are eager to share what they have experienced to their family members.  This is the best start of life sharing.

Sufiyah (Su) is now a grade 7 student, from SukirinWittaya School, Narathiwat. Su is good at school. She is always on the top grade in her classes, yet very talented outside academic side. She sings, dances, and enjoys participating in any activities that her school and CCF have organized. Among all activities she has attended, her favourite one is “Storytelling”.

Sujim Ladsoh is Sufiyah’s school teacher who has inspired her on storytelling. Starting from listening to stories told by the teacher, since she was much younger, she has absorbed the ways the stories were told and adopted into her own style. Until one day that she had an opportunity to share the stories in front of her class, the teacher spotted her talent and sent her to a storytelling competition right away.

The girl practices this skill and is getting better and better every day. She regularly shares stories with her parents and her classmates. Su proudly received prizes from moral-based storytelling competitions in provincial and regional levels.

Su has taken part in CCF’s activities regularly, even on school breaks and holidays. She is the core leader in CCF’s Happy Saturday program in Narathiwat. She brings storytelling to life and shares with her peers in the group, giving them inspiration to find their own strength and to achieve their full potential in developing their own talents.

“Thank you CCF and my sponsor for giving me opportunity to study, to meet teacher Sujim, to introduce photo taking, and to let me share stories with my friends.” Su expressed her gratitude.

Sawarot Sukchuchuay
CCF project, Narathiwat
1 August 2016

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