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Can you spot any differences between neighbours in the cities and those in the countryside?

It is crowded in most cities. People seem to be busy and have no time for one another. On the other hand, people who live in the countryside are closely knit despite the scattering of houses. They support each other. They share their meals. We often see them work happily together on community gatherings, especially the events that are related to their religious belief. This impressive relationship between people in the rural areas can be seen widely outside the big cities. And it is the real meaning of "neighbours", people who are not family members or relatives, but can connect with one another well. They look after each other and they can be great when it comes to neighbourhood watch.

Sakda is one of CCF sponsored children from ChiangRai, under "Child Rescue Fund Project", who has experienced directly on how "neighbours" take a big part in his life. Kindness and generosity are always there for him and his family.

Sakda’s mother earns little wages from taking any odd jobs. They lived in a shanty, and almost fell down. With 20,000 Bahts funded by CCF for home improvement, along with further funding CCF staff helped raise, still not enough to build a small house for Sakda and his mother. Then the word “neighbour” comes to mind. The working team had a great idea of asking the neighbours for support, any way they can.

Only by word of mouth, the result received was much more satisfying than they expected. Abundant help and support came to this house building project in different ways; donation of food and drinks in the building site, construction equipment, and their energy and time as volunteer builders.

And that is the way of living in hill tribe communities in general. They remain the traditional lifestyle where everyone is there for one another. Good neighbours are important and to be treasured.

Sakda’s neighbours helped provide roof tiles for the new house

Somsart Manoreung
CCF Project, Chiangrai
19 July 2016

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