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Home Sweet Home

Many people are in the hustle and bustle of city life, working hard for better living. For some, happiness comes from materials; living in a nice big house, in a comfortable lifestyle. Their happiness comes also from surrounding themselves with new technology where TV, computer, and internet are the basic items. Everyone is different; some people can easily find happiness just like the 10-year-old boy, Farutdeen Toommalee or “Deen”, surrounded by both parents is what he needs.

“I can live anywhere. I don’t mind if it’s very small, as long as my parents are there with me”, said Deen, with smile all over his face.

Deen lives with his parents in a tiny house. It is actually the tiniest house in the village. Everyone sees it as a shack, but it is a “home” for the boy. His “home” is precious for him, with the walls made of pieces of bamboo strips and the roof is old, rusty and leaky. It doesn’t  protect this family from the heat or rain as much. Strong wind always gave them a fright of losing the roof tiles. When it comes to raining, the whole family would be busy finding some pots and pans to catch the rain water from the leaks. There are only few belongings in this family house; dishes, bowls, and spoons, apart from a small pile of old clothes. For the family, these are items they treasure.

Deen’s parents have tried hard to support the boy with his schooling. Deen is now in grade 3 which is a little behind because he had to stay at the same class for two academic years as he got very poor grades. His parents wished they could do more to help but they found it difficult to do so for they themselves couldn’t read or write. Despite living 8 km from school and the dirt road is rough, everyday his dad would take him to school on the shabby motorbike before going to work on the field, cutting grass. Sometimes when his dad works late, Deen walks home, or he might see some people he knows on the way home who kindly give him a lift.

CCF knew about the boy and his family so we approached them. Aiming to offer a fresh start to this lovely family, we have supported them with education, health, and living condition.

Deen and his parents don’t have much, but we could feel the love and happiness from this family through their smiles, laughter, and their happy conversations. We have also witnessed how they support each other in every way they can, how they stick together in every obstacle of life and go through them together.

Soraya Klangbon
CCF Project, Satun
1 August 2016

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