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TonHorm, a girl who found bright light in her life

We are currently living in the age of technology, not to mention basic utilities like electricity or water. Most of us probably assume no one gets left out in getting this kind of basic services provided by the state, however, some cannot afford to get it due to poverty. “TonHorm” and her family were ones of those who live their everyday life without electricity. Most of time, the girl had to do her homework using candle light. After school time, she would rush home to get her homework done before sunset. At nighttime, the family relied on the light from either paraffin lamp or candles.

TonHorm and her family live in Pla Loh, Waritchaphum, Sakon Nakhon. Main sources of income come from labour work and selling cucumbers from their household little vegetable garden. The family had lived in a relative’s house for long time, but had to move out without prior notice. They could not afford to get a new house, could not afford to rent one neither. So they collected some old pieces of wood and rusty corrugated iron from public trash and made a shelter for the family. Getting electricity access costed money that they didn’t have, so the family had to live without it.

In 2005, CCF reached out to this family and supported them with the essentials. We helped them in getting electricity, built the toilet, and supplied them with food and groceries. That was when they started to see the light of living life.

“I don’t have to carry the lamp to the toilet at nighttime anymore. I can do some reading and study before bedtime. It is so good not to worry about reaching home before it gets dark”. TonHorm expressed what’s in her mind with tears of joy.

TonHorm added that she believes education will lift her life up. Higher education can change life to the better. She wants to be a teacher and she will teach the kids in her community. Plus, by working as a teacher, she will be able to look after her family with her stable income from the salary.

Maliwan tepin
Nam Oun Child Welfare
1 August 2016

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