Breakfast for Kids

“Breakfast” helps fill up the empty stomach from the previous night. It effectively boosts up the energy especially the part of the brain that relates to memory, learning ability and becomes enthusiastic. The research confirms that children who miss breakfast are easily tired, irritable and have slow reaction.

Please help filling these children’s stomachs with this most important meal.

“Issara”,from Kanchanaburi province, weighs only 15 Kilograms and only 108 centimeters tall at the age of 13 years. He experienced a sever malnourish when he was 8 years old. Since then his body became under developed. Lacking the necessary nutrition, Issara was unable to study because his brain does not develop as well as other children.

3 Benefits of Breakfast

  1. Enhance the development of children
  2. Enhance the education through better concentration, readiness to learn and attending to school activities
  3. Enhance the happiness of “sponsors”, sharing happiness to poor children

Good nutritious is a guarantee to education.
It is the major key to overcome poverty.

By donating 3,500 Baht, you can help one child get his/her breakfast for the whole academic year. This small amount of money will help the poor children to become healthy both physically and mentally. They will be ready to learn new things and will grow up to become our proud future.

Performance Report /Achievements

  • During 2010-2015, 31,631 children benefits from “Breakfast for Kids” program
  • Creates cooperation in the community by way of contributing the raw materials
  • Creates participation between schools and parents: Children contribute 1 Baht per day OR 1 kilogram of rice per month

Miss Kanyarat Bootsongka (Nong Khao Klam) 10 years; Prathom or Grade 4;Sakolnakorn

  • Formerly underweight,she weighs only 22 kilograms and 123 centimeters tall. She is quiet, depressed and isolate. She lives with her grandmother and other 4 siblings in a small shack next to the paddy field. Her grandmother raises up all 5 children solely on her own with just the elderly allowance, collection of wood and other stuffs from the forest.
  • Nong Khao Klam joins “Breakfast for Kids” program since 2010. Today, she takes breakfast regularly. Her weight has been increased to 25 kilograms and her height is 127 centimeters. She has turned to be a cheerful girl like others of her age.
  • “I’m happy that I have enough breakfast every day. Sometimes, I take the food home to share with my grandmother and my sisters”.

Ban Nong Bua Kham, NakornPanom Province

  • This is the sample community that has implemented “Breakfast for Kids” program for two years now. Parents contribute 1 Baht per day to increasethe quality as well as quantity of food and to buy lunch boxes for children in order to reduce garbage made from foam and plastic materials.

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