1. Personal Information

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(format 02XXXXXXX)
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(format 0XXXXXXXXX)
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Birthday Invalid format. (format --> 15/04/1980)

2. I Would like to....

Sponsor children (please specify the number) and agree to pay

3. I would like to pay by

Please deduct the payment from my credit card

Other (Please verify)
From Bank Credit Card No.
Credit Card holder's name Expiry Date
(I have hereby confirmed the permission for the bank where issued this credit card to deduct the payment amount as shown above until I have informed for cancellation)
Please, deduction from Bank Account
Please fill in the Permission form & sent this form back by post. The Bank will accept only the original copy. THANK YOU
Transferring payment in the name of "Community Children Foundation"

From Branch Transferring Date Invalid format. (format --> 15/04/1980)
After transferring, please send or fax the pay in slip with the payment form
to CCF Foundation in Thailand at +662 747 2620
Cheque pay to "Community Children Foundation"
More Detail

4. You know about the child sponsorship program of the Foundation from....

  Letter / Document / Email direct to You